Monday, September 1, 2014

Sonic vs. Rainbow Dash!

Sonic the Hedgehog (with sidekick Tails) vs....

Rainbow Dash (any younger sister Scootaloo)!!

This would be a battle royale in blistering, eye-popping speed!!

According to Sonicwiki, Sonic the Hedgehog can run as fast as Mach 1 (761 mile per hour)!
However, this is not his limit. 
In the Sonic Adventure DX manual it is stated that he is hypersonic and can run between 3840 mph and 7680 mph!!! (That's approximately Mach 10 - ten times the speed of sound!!)

How does Rainbow Dash stand up this this blistering fury of speed?
Death Battle states that Rainbow Dash can fly up to Mach 10 (that's 7,612 mph) (I'm assuming this is how she creates the Sonic Rainboom). 

Who can tell? Who knows what barriers will be shattered?!!
Find out at

(The NASA Hypersonic X-43A has hit the top speed of Mach 6.8)

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