Thursday, April 30, 2015

Absolute Discord - New Ultra Rare Cards!

(Check out their card number designation of these cards! They are # -3, -2, and -1)

AbsoluteDiscord -002

Gummy, Things Just Got Real

AbsoluteDiscord -001

Nightmare Star, Solar Flare

AbsoluteDiscord -003

(no name) -blank-
Possibly Slenderpony! 

How in God's name does this card work? Why would you have it (or 3) in a deck?

Ultimately, this card - blank - is a 3 powered Friend that has no requirements and only costs 1 AT. That's a pretty sweet deal! 

Premiere 109

It would be wise to have other cards that allow you to peak at the top card(s) of your draw deck though. (ie Double Check the Checklist).

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