Monday, May 25, 2015

Fire When Ready

From the awesomely new Absolute Discord decks comes Fire When Ready Problem will usually be first greeted with some sort of WTF? comment.

Upon initial inspection it would appear to be a near impossible Problem to successfully confront (let alone solve!). It would appear to be used to switch up both problems (as the simple act of moving/playing a Friend to it will trigger its ability.
"When a character enters play here or is moved here, replace each Problem"

However, there is a way to successfully confront it, gaining 6 points in the process!

First of all you will need Spring Step, Multitalented.

Move or play her to Fire When Ready  first. 

Her ability caused the Problem she's at to "lose and can't have abilities". So long as there are no Friends with a higher power than her, this effect stays.

Next you'll need to get a low powered Earth Pony and a low powered Unicorn to Fire When Ready. Remember, these two new Friends cannot have more power than Spring Step, Multitalented.

Then, play at Home, the Resource Ponyville Banner.

During you score phase, retire Ponyville Banner and you will automatically meet you Problem's requirements so long as you have an Earth Pony, a Pegasus, and a Unicorn at the Problem!

Score 6 points!

Ultimately, I think it would be best to have two (2) Fire When Ready Problems, three (3) Ponyville Banners  (they're cheap 1 AT 0 requirement cards), three (3) Spring Step, Multitalented, and a selected assortment of low powered Earth Ponies and Unicorns.

The real question is, what Mane Character for this deck??

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