Saturday, November 8, 2014

Aggro Deck Attempt #1: Juggernaut

Juggernaut Deck!

This is a first attempt to build a MLP CCG deck that is 100% Aggro. (I don't believe it is possible).
It is based upon Maud Pie as the mane character (as she herself is a Juggernaut).
Also attempted to be build into this deck are other potential Juggernauts, including Cherry Jubilee (to have resource after resource played upon her) as Bags Valet, Luggage Lackey, to have numerous Home based resources exhausted to repeatedly power him up.
Coco Pommel is here with her +4 power (7 total) pumped ability.
Full Steam (he's 4 power), and rounding is off is Hayseed Turnip Truck (with he flip an additional card in faceoffs) and, Night Watch with this same ability.

Mane Character:
Maud Pie

Full Steam, Smoke Stacked x1
Bags Valet, Luggage Lackey x3

Resources (to play at Home). All of these home-played resources are to help boost Bags Valet
The Ponyville Express x3
Private Party x2
Vittles Stand x3

Cherry Jubilee, Queen of the Hill x3

Resources (to play on a friend). All of these resources are to help boost Cherry Jubilee
Chic Beret x2
Marvelous Chapeau x2
Combat Hat x2
Hard Hat x2
Apple Cider x3

Cloudy Quartz, Concerned Mother x2
Night Watch, Vigilant Patrol x1
Hayseed Turnip Truck, "A" for Effort x2

Coco Pommel, Fashion Apprentice x2
Roseluck, Fainthearted Filly x3

Other Resources/Events:
Too Much Pie x2
Rock Solid Fashion x3

This deck cannot have any troublemakers in it (as mentioned in Aggro, Combo, Control in MLP CCG?)

Applebucking Day x1
A Stitch in Time x2
Who is Gabby Gums? x2
Timber! x2
Social Obligations x1
Threat Against Canterlot x1
Raze This Barn x1

Overall this deck has a fairly good Draw Curve

so should play well on faceoffs (averaging a draw of 4).

However, it's main problem is its distribution of card types; having no Troublemakers and the vast majority of cards being Resources.

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