Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pegasus Peacemakers Deck

This deck's main focus is on confronting and defeating Troublemakers.
It can also function well at faceoffs in general.
Ultimately it is built to be Turbo Trouble! vs. deck.

Mane Character
Rainbow Dash, Hanging Out

Flitter, Ribbon Wielder x3

Berry Dreams, Pom-Pom Pony x2
Lucky Star, Charming Cheerer x2

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot! x2

Rubber Chicken x3
Funny Glasses x1


Scoottaloo, Fan Club Founder x3
Scootaloo (especially more than one) in play with Rainbow Dash can be formidable.
When we consider that whenever Rainbow Dash moves, Scootaloo (or potentially all 3 Scootaloos!) will all move with her for free, bringing (on the following turn) their combined total power to 12!

Dr. Hooves, Just in Time x3
Jetstream, All Heart x3
Pegasus Royal Guard, Elite Sentry x3
Spike, Baby Dragon x2
Nice Moves, Kid! x2
Biff! Pow! x3
Fears Must be Faced x3
The Hard Way x2
Ten. Seconds. Flat. x1-3 (yet to be released in Celestial Solstice Deluxe Set)

Spread Your Wings x3

Cheering Up a Friend x2
Storming the Villain's Lair x2
Looking for Trouble x2
Not Enough Pinkie Pies x2
Bottom of the Well x1
It's a Twister! x1

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