Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sneak Peak at Crystal Games

Sneak peak a some new Crystal Games series cards.
The new Maud Pie, Like a Rock could prove to be devastating!

You could easily add 3 to a Maud Pie (MC) deck.
With the powered up MC Maud Pie, Rockin', you could easily meet these new cards' requirements (4 apples). It would only be a matter of action tokens.

With the Juggernaut Maud Pie, Rockin' and up to 3 Maud Pie, Like a Rock in play, it'd be quite the task to stop her!

Since the Rock 'n Rave release we've speculated that Maud Pie, Rockin' might very well be broken, or in need of some sort of errata... but clearly this isn't the case.

Maud Pie, Like a Rock? Look out!!

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