Saturday, June 21, 2014

Applejack Deck

A further note for strengthening up the Applejack deck is to take a closer look at Granny Smith, Apple Elder.
Specifically her ability:
"When you play this card, you may reattach a Resource from one Friend to another."
This is further explained on MLP CCG Wiki as follows:
"A player can use this card's triggered ability on Resources that were originally "played on an opponent's Friend/character" and attach them to their own Friend."

I never gave this card very much thought (or value) at first.

But it allows you to move an opponent's resource to another friend - the other friend could be one of your own!
Not only does it allow you to shuffle your own resources around the friends you control, but your opponent's as well. Basically, allowing you to steal their attached Resources!

The only limitation; the only Resources (friend or foe) that would be immune to Granny Smith's ability would be Resources that are unattached to friends (Resources played at Home or at a Problem). small potatoes!... or might that be apples?
This is a game changer!

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