Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Blight of "Too Much Pie"

Too Much Pie is a nasty card.

How can you get around it?

Here's some ideas:

1) Granny Smith
This is the best option, assuming you have this friend in your deck.
When it's played you can move a Resource (in this case Too Much Pie) from your friend onto your opponent's friend.

2) Frighten
Rule (504.1) Frightened, states,
As a card becomes frightened it is turned face down, all counters are removed form it, and all cards attached to it are put into their owner's discard piles.
So, this could be used to your advantage.
If you have a friend with Too Much Pie (-5 points!!) attached to it, you could - in one main phase - Frighten the friend (discard the Too Much Pie resource card), and then pay 2 action tokens to Rally your friend, thus freeing them from the dreaded Too Much Pie!

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