Thursday, June 19, 2014

Caretaker, non-stackable?

According to MLP CCG Wiki the keyword ability Caretaker is not stackable.
    Caretaker is not a stackable keyword; this card will only gain 1 power regardless of how many Critter Friends are at the same Problem as this card.
    This card’s triggered ability does not count as a Main Phase move action (which is when a player pays 2 action tokens to move one of their characters during their Main Phase).
However, that being said, I wonder exactly what they mean by 'stackable'.
Normally I would take stackable as meaning cumulative, but in this case (when compared to Studious) I'm not so sure.

If I have Fluttershy, Beastmaster and Winona, on the Scent at a problem

Fluttershy's only gains +1 power for her caretaker ability. (Total power being +3, Fluttershy, +1, Winona, +1 Caretaker bonus = 4)

If I add Hummingway, Fine Feathered Friend,

Fluttershy's still only gains +1 power for her caretaker ability. No matter how many Critter Friends she's accompanied by her Caretaker ability will only ever give her a +1 bonus. (Total power being +3, Fluttershy, +1, Winona, +1, Hummingway +1, Caretaker bonus = 6)

However, if we add other characters with the caretaker ability

like Mane Cureall, Veteran Vet and Lemon Hearts, Sweetheart, (both of which have Caretaker), each character with Caretaker gains the +1 bonus. (+3, Fluttershy, +1, Winona, +1 Mane Cureall, +1 Lemon Hearts, +3 Caretaker bonuses = 9).

Is or isn't this defined as "stackable"?
Although I have no problem with this (it makes multiple Caretakers powerful and dangerous though!), it - again - poses some questions and concerns for the Studious keyword ability.

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