Sunday, June 15, 2014

Synergy: A Vision of the Future & Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student

These two cards working together can be a game-ender!
Once A Vision of the Future is in your hand you're good to go!

1) Wait until you are in a problem faceoff.

2) Play A Vision of the Future (so your draw card scores 5 points - hopefully winning the faceoff).

3) Instead of A Vision of the Future going to the bottom of your draw pile, due to Twilight Sparkle's ability, it returns to your hand. Score an additional Action Token for Twilight Sparkle's Studious ability.

4) Repeat.

5) Win game.


...but here's the rub.
You need a purple/pink deck or some way of meeting the 2 pink balloon requirement for A Vision of the Future.


..the solution?
Play Funny Glasses


  1. Play Funny Glasses on a Friend like "Cherry Jubilee, Queen of the Hill" and power her up as an added bonus!

  2. My son pointed out a flaw with this plan.
    "Funny Glasses" won't work because "Funny Glasses" works only until the end of the Main PHASE, not the turn. By the time a faceoff come about the ability/bonus from "Funny Glasses" has expired already.


  3. The solution to this is to add 3 Apple Brown Betty, Pastry Chef's into the deck.
    These cards will meet the pink balloon requirements and have no requirements themselves.