Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ahuizotl: Possible Ways to Play

This could be a 3 turn card.

First Turn (yours) - Play card (on troublemaker phase, face-down)

Second Turn (opponent's) – normal

Third Turn (yours) – Flip-card (on troublemaker phase), then “ the end of each player's troublemaker phase..”, you are forced to more a character home.

Fourth Turn (opponent's) – 1 character moved home

You'd need your opponent to have 1-2 characters at the Problem (so they wouldn't or couldn't confront the troublemaker) and yourself to have either, a) have nopony at the problem, or b) have many characters of your own at the problem in order to score and defeat this villain (and score 2 points).

You need a deck that could have a lot of cheap friends or easily movable ones. Critter Friends or Swift ability.

I should think out of the pre-built decks either Fluttershy (with her Critter Friends) or Rainbow Dash (with their Swift abilities) would be the best decks.

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