Sunday, July 6, 2014

Applejack Synergies

There can easily be three synergies within the Applejack deck.

The first is that of the "Undefeatable Troublemaker".
Wild Manticore (troublemaker) x1
Duck & Cover (Event) x2
A Bully and A Beast (Event) x2
The synergy is simply after played the troublemaker, Wild Manticore, to boost him up at your opponent's troublemaker faceoffs with the support of either/or these two Events., making this troublemaker extremely difficult to defeat.

~         ~         ~

Sunny Smiles, Iconic Friend power-ups!

Sunny Smiles, Iconic Friend x3
Yellow Parasprite x3
Drill Bit x3
Applejack, Plant Leader x3
Avalanche! x3 (Problem)
Hungry Hungry Caterpillar x1 (Problem)

The key character in this synergy is Sunny Smiles, Iconic Friend. All these other cards - troublemakers, problems, and friends' abilities - power her up every time they force an opponent to discard.

~         ~         ~

And finally, there is a simple, if not overly powerful, synergy with Cherry Jubilee and the Hard Hat resources.
(The Hard Hat resource - giving a Friend Stubborn, although not useless, isn't particularly powerful in a deck with Stubborn characters - can be put to good use played (repeatedly) on Cherry Jubilee, powering her up to +3 4 power in total).

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