Saturday, July 12, 2014

Winona, On the Scent

I've always wondered exactly what use Winona, On the Scent could play.

Yes, I understand what this card can do. (Exhaust it to look (not reveal, not turn face-up) a Troublemaker.

But what is the use of knowing what an upcoming Troublemaker is unless you can do something about it?

This card must be used in conjunction with another card.

Of the cards found in Fluttershy's (original) deck, it's only Hummingway, Fine Feathered Friend
that would seem to make much sense. At least if you know which Troublemaker's coming you could move Hummingway ti this problem in order to faceoff the Troublemaker next turn.

However, Sea Swirl, Porpoiseful could prove to be an interesting addition.
In this case not only could you move her to the upcoming Troublemaker next turn, but up to 3 Critter Friends as well! (Including Hummingway to easily defeat the Troublemaker).

However, there are other cards that could be more useful if the deck's secondary colour was different.
Surprise, Party Pegesus allows you to turn a Troublemaker face-down. (Problem is, it's a Pink card).

There are also hints of a potential Yellow/Purple deck in the Premier Series, with cards like Parasprite Pandemic (requiring Purple and Yellow to solve)
and Events cards like Royal Guidance

If we explore this option of a Purple/Yellow deck Monstrous Manual 
becomes a great card to have synergy with Winona, On the Scent. (You could see what Troublemaker's coming, then use Monstrous Manual to turn it back down).

... which goes to ask the question, what would a Yellow/Purple deck look like? Who'd be its Mane Character? 

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