Monday, July 7, 2014

Twilight Sparkle Synergies

Powering up Professor Neigh!

Monitor EVERYTHING! x3 (Problem)
This problem can help with playing Resource Reports at a reduced cost.
Outshine Them All x3
Fighting for Friendship x3
All these (6) Report Resources should attempt to be played to help power-up (Although this friend's ability is not stackable, the excess number of resources (6) are to make sure you have them in your hand and/or in play on each problem).
Professor Neigh, x3

~         ~         ~

The second synergy Twilight Sparkle's deck should build on is that of a Action Token Generator.
Both the Mane Character, Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student and Mint Jewelup have Studious.
Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student x1
Mint Jewelup x3
Amethyst Maresbury x1, can generate Action Tokens through her Pumped ability.
I Need Answers (problem) x2, can generate Action Tokens by dismissing Friends at this problem
Wrapping Up Winter (problem) x1

Further aiding these token generators are the following cards which directly or indirectly help in winning faceoffs, usually by moving or removing opponent's characters:
Tricksy Hat x1, can move opponent's characters away helping to win faceoffs.
Perfect Pace, x2, is simply a powerhouse once his Pumped ability come into play, winning many faceoffs.
The Twilicane x 1, can control you opponent's Mane Character and inflict ALL their Friends with a -1 power during the Score Phase.
Lady Justice x2, also aids in winning faceoffs
Mayor Mane x2, can control and mover opponent's character away from problems/faceoffs
and Greeting Lots of Folks with Clout (problem) x1 can move your opponent's Mane Character to this problem rather than the other.
Although it may seem like many of these cards are expensive to play (especially all together) but the idea behind this is to get the Action Token Generator up and running first.

The plan would be to have one character with Studious at each problem,
Perfect Pace at each problem,
Amethyst Maresbury at one problem,
Lady Justice at each problem, 
and Mayor Mane and Tricksy Hat at Home.

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