Friday, July 4, 2014

Villainous Flim-Flam; optional rule

In the TV series, My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, Flim and Flam are always up to no good and always involved in some kind of scam or con.

I've always thought that if both Flim and Flam were to be played (regardless of who controls them), something terrible should happen!

Ultimately there are only two ways these two troublemakers can come onto the playing field at the same time.  
~         ~         ~

A) they are each played on different Problems.
In this case, they create a new "3rd Problem".
The new "3rd Problem" is played on just like any other problem. (Except both players' friends, and resources are potentially divided among three problems instead.

This new "3rd Problem" has the following rules, powers, and limitations:
  1. Neither Flim or Flam count as being in control of a Troublemaker (thus more troublemakers could be played).
  2. Requirements to resolve this Problem is 7. This requirement is in Wild Points.
  3. Points to resolve are as normal problems (1 point). First player to resolve get its bonus in addition to the 1 point for resolving. 
  4. Its bonus points value is 3
  5. The winner of a Problem Faceoff receives 3 points.
  6. If a Problem Faceoff occurs, instead of the Problem being replaced, both Flim and Flam are dismissed and the "3rd Problem" ceases to exist. Play returns to normal.
  7. Hypothetically, another Flim and another Flam could be played, creating a "4th Problem"
  8. Note: A Troublemaker can be played on this "3rd Problem", since they no longer count as controlling more than one troublemaker. 
  9. Each round (for the turn player) their ability triggers. Seeing that they are no longer Troublemakers but a new Problem, these abilities trigger at the beginning of the turn player's Main Phase. That being "exhaust a Resource and exhaust a Character at this problem".
  10. For cards that must specifically be played on an Opponent's Problem (for example, Marvelous Chapeau) , this Flim-Flam Problem is considered an "Opponent's Problem" for both players.
What makes this new "3rd Problem" challenging is that it is either ignored (in which both players every turn exhaust a resource) or they attempt to challenge the (new) Problem. The difficulty in this is that a character is exhausted at this problem every turn. Amassing enough characters to meet it's requirement of 7 could prove difficult (but also rewarding!)

(Aug. 24/14 Addendum) -
Another point that I hadn't taken into consideration originally, is that this 3rd Problem option creates a possible Triple-Problem Faceoff.
A possible advantage to triggering a Triple-Problem Faceoff is that you could clear out all characters from all problems and reset both problems. This could be especially useful if you are outnumbered or outgunned at both problems. 

~         ~         ~

B) they are both played on the same problem:

In this case both troublemaker cards gain the ability of Villainous.
Villainous: Both Troublemakers join to become a single Troublemaker with Villain, combining their powers, bonuses, and abilities.

Villainous Flim-Flam has a Power of 7 and a Bonus of 3. At the start of the turn player's Troublemaker phase they "exhaust a Resource and exhaust a character at this problem".

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