Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Synergy: Brown Parasprite

If this troublemaker could be used with Inspired ability it could prove to be useful.

You would essentially have to have at least 2 or 3 characters with Inspired for this to work. (Rarity's deck comes to mind).

After flipping this troublemaker, on your main phase activate your Inspired ability (must must have control of the top 2-3 cards). You can anticipate whether on your following Score phase there will be a Problem Faceoff or not with you opponent. (Remember, this will be the first card they flip).

On your opponent's Ready phase, they will draw 1 card. You can control this too.
On your opponent's Troublemaker phase, Brown Paraspirte triggers, forcing them to take the top card of their deck into their discard pile. This card (either 2nd or 3rd ) is the good one you want discarded.

Ultimately, if played right with 2 or 3 characters with Inspired, you could cause them to lose the following Problem Faceoff, draw a poor/weak card, and then throw away a good and powerful card .... every turn.

(Rarity's Deck)

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